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Very few concrete contractors are educated about the chemical reaction that takes place when concrete is manufactured. As a responsible concrete contractor Panther Construction has taken a proactive approach when it comes educating our customers and what is important to extending concrete life. Once placed concrete will set-up within 24 hours but the entire curing process can take up to 30 years. Every concrete contractor will offer to apply sealer and curing compound when the mix is poured. This is important to maintain the substrate but most damage occurs below the surface. Our management staff was privileged to work around chemical engineers to study the composition of concrete and all the additives that are available for different conditions and environments.

Concrete Contractor

Our objective is to make you feel comfortable and educated when you make one of the biggest long term investments for your property. Preventive maintenance is very important and we look forward to providing you with routine scheduled programs so you can budget accordingly.

Panther Construction is not just an asphalt contractor, masonry contractor and concrete contractor. We like to believe that we are here to educate our customers and help them make more informed decisions about how to improve the property valuable and provide better curb appeal.